Bottle Unscramblers

come in different shape or size’s, full automatization, half automatization and no automatization and is designed to quickly and efficiently separate, orient, and feed individual bottles at high speeds for efficient downstream packaging operations.

The unique advantages of Posimat plastic bottle unscramblers include operational simplicity and low maintenance due to the absence of moving elements or parts prone to wear, such as chains, belts, ramps, lifts, etc. This is made possible by having only two rotating parts.

Plastic bottles for unscrambler

Posimat unscramblers are capable of handling various types of bottles, regardless of their weight or shape. These may include cylindrical, oval, or asymmetric bottles, with short necks or even without a neck, flat elements like lids or cream jars, with or without a label, with or without decoration, with or without a sleeve, etc.

Posimat offers a comprehensive selection of unscramblers that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. The range includes unscramblers that cater to both low/medium speed lines and medium/high speed lines.

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