Bottle Unscramblers

The unique advantages of Posimat plastic bottle unscramblers include operational simplicity and low maintenance.

Unscramblers for the Pharmaceutical Industry

POSIMAT is committed to innovation and aims to transfer its extensive knowledge to the pharmaceutical sector.


The POSI-SILO is a cutting-edge and meticulously engineered silo solution for plastic bottles that boasts a patented pressure-less output system.


If bottles leaving an unscrambler need to face a specific direction, GIRAMAT is a machine designed to reorient them.


The POSIRINSER rinsers are designed to clean bottles and jars using either blown air (optionally ionized) or water.

Mass Conveyors

Mass conveyors houses the modular belt responsible for transporting bottles along the conveyor’s length

Posijet Air-Cushion/Cans

POSIMAT has introduced a new air conveyor that can handle various types of packaging, such as aluminum, plastic or polystyrene trays, cardboard pouches or boxes, drink cans, and more.

Robotic Unscramblers

POSIROBOT offers several advantages over other manufacturers in the automatic positioning sector.

Feeder systems for all types of caps

Posimat’s cap sorters efficiently handle bulk cap loads and orient them into the desired position.

Air Conveyor

POSIJET is a unique air conveyor equipped with twin guides, offering a multitude of possibilities and benefits.


The DEPEMAT is a fully automated machine that moves plastic bottles from pallets.

Box tipper

The POSIMAT BOX TIPPER is a machine that facilitates the emptying of cardboard or plastic boxes and octabins

Table top conveyors

The conveyor is composed of a stainless steel structure, and its belt carrying the bottles rests on this structure with support from legs that rest on the floor.

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One of our valued partners is

a leading manufacturer of equipment in the industry of processing and manipulating empty packaging. Posimat has an impressive record of accomplishments in working with major global brands such as L’oreal, Henkel, Shell, Lukoil, Bayer, and many more.

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