Air Conveyors

POSIJET is a unique air conveyor equipped with twin guides, offering a multitude of possibilities and benefits.

POSIJET is a unique air conveyor

The features of POSIJET enable it to handle bottles with greater efficiency than other systems, including bottles that other systems are unable to transport.

  • The advanced air conveyor system utilizes a twin-guide profile that protects the bottle from any marking on the neck and provides exceptional stability, enabling it to handle even the highest production line speeds with ease.
  • With its precise air current directed around the neck and main part of the bottle, the system effectively reduces contamination and jams, while increasing bottle speed and ensuring they remain upright, even at high production line speeds.
  • Efficient handling of short-necked bottles is possible with the precise direction of air current towards specific parts of the bottle by POSIJET, making it an ideal solution for short-necked bottles.

The use of air in POSIJET’s conveyor system creates an air cushion between the guides and the bottle neck ring. This cushion significantly reduces friction, which leads to lower air pressure requirements and reduces energy consumption needed to operate the fan.

VERTIJET is a unique air conveyor that allows for the vertical lifting or lowering of empty plastic bottles up to 90ยบ, regardless of whether they are accumulated or not. This innovative feature ensures that there is no loss of speed on the production line, thereby maintaining a high degree of efficiency. Additionally, VERTIJET’s compact structure helps save space in the factory and provides improved access to other systems.

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