Robotic Unscramblers

POSIROBOT offers several advantages over other manufacturers in the automatic positioning sector. It is designed to handle complex designs of bottles and offers the following features:

  • Instant and tool-free format changes using a modern age touch screen.
  • Multiformat capability, allowing it to work with different geometric shapes and materials from small to large formats of 5000 ml, without the need for mechanical adjustments.
  • High speed of up to 300 un/min, ensuring the stability of the containers delivered to the line at all times.
  • Fast and safe handling of asymmetrical containers that require orientation, for subsequent filling or labelling. It can work with or without pucks, with the same machine, and has multiple modular configurations for positioning on lines of all types of pucks or godets.
  • Compact footprint designed to facilitate transport, making it easy to move to other lines or factories.
  • Virtually zero maintenance requirement due to the simplicity of the system and its avoidance of complex mechatronic systems.
  • Delicate treatment of containers, avoiding any mechanical parts that can mark or damage the surfaces of the containers.
  • Reduced costs and deadlines for introducing new formats due to the system’s tool-free and non-complex programming requirements.
  • Industry 4.0 ready, allowing for customization and adaptation to the particular needs of each client, including communication with a centralized list management system, delivery of alarms and other information, traceability, diagnosis, predictive maintenance, etc.
  • Overall, the combination of POSIROBOT’s high speed, multiformat capability, delicate treatment of containers, tool-free format changes, compact footprint, and Industry 4.0 readiness make it a more technically and economically competitive robot than other manufacturers.
  • Simple to operate and low maintanance
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